We sell and buy cranes and heavy machinery

The Swedish-Estonian company Euromerica-International Cranes Machinery (EICM) has based in Stockholm and since 2006 also in Tallinn but we operate all over world. Our service You can reach 24/7.  With over 20 years experience EICM serves clients in Scandinavia and abroad, trading all kind of heavy machinery but mainly we are interested to do business with Self Propelled Hydraulic and lattice boom cranes. There are All Terrain Cranes, Truck Cranes, Crawler Cranes and also harbour cranes and reach stakers in our data base. We have a yard with fast-changing stock but in addition we sell cranes with a capacity of 30 to 1250 tons from our partners in Europe. The professional experiences collected and gathered by years in buying and selling of new and used cranes have improved our both basic and executive skills, and added professionalism to our worldwide services in delivery, inspection, customs clearance, maintenance and spare parts supplies. We have reliable cooperative joint work with the well known worldwide constructors and renting companies, suppliers and other market participants and this point gives us a chance to have a mutual and beneficial joint-work with all of our present and potential clients. Regular business activities and operations are carried out inside europe and this is the basis for further sales and big sales to Asian and Arabic countries as India, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Kuwait.

We do more than buying and selling, we can assist our customers in any problem that may arise after buying the machinery, wherever you are.

  • Delivery to the final destination;
  • Technical advices;
  • Spare parts order;
  • Machinery inspections.

Above written services are carried out together with our trustful partners, from Sweden, Spain and Estonia. Together with partners we offer you our personal attention from the time the query is placed to the eventual completion of the job.


EICM - Our homepage CranesHeavyMachinery.com. is the place to find and buy used industrial machinery online and in case of an inquiry which is out of our stock, we can meet your demand and provide a solution, Please fill in the form for your inquiry and you will be supplied with an offer(s) in few days.

Also You are welcome to Sell your crane(s) - Would you like to sell a used crane or trade it in for a new one ?

Existing and/or potential Customers feel free to contact us with the details, specifications and visual images of the crane they want to purchase or
offer for sale.